We now have an online booking system.  All classes must be booked in advance, either by clicking on the booking page in the sidebar or by following the link here

5pm - White Star
6pm - Mixed Ability
7pm - Pole Play

5pm - Pole Play
6pm - Aerial Hoop
7pm - Aerial Hoop
8pm - Mixed Ability
9pm - Yoga

7.30pm - Aerial Hoop
8.30pm - Mixed Ability
9.30pm - Authentic

4.45pm - Pole Play
5.45pm - Mixed Ability

5pm - Yellow
6pm - Green
7pm - Mixed Ability
8pm - Aerial Hoop
9pm - Serpent Power/Authentic

Friday - Please note that this is at Park Club, not the studio
6pm - Mixed Ability
7pm - Aerial Hoop

11am - Aerial Hoop
12pm - Mixed Abilty
1pm - White garter

All classes will be taking place at our studio 74-77 Magdalen Road, Oxford, OX4 1RE

If you're not sure about which session would suit you best, please ask and we'll work it out.

Private lessons also available. Please contact us to arrange a suitable time.