Course structure

Pole dance at the highest levels requires a high degree of strength and technical skill. Obviously, no student begins dancing with the level of knowledge required to perform even relatively simple moves but many are concerned about a lack of strength and/or flexibility. Our syllabus has been carefully designed to give students a chance to build muscle safely and to master the basics before moving on to increasingly advanced spins, poses and inverts.

To reflect this, we have implemented an idea taken from the martial arts, where students work through a series of 'grades', each represented by a colour.  Being pole dancers, however, we had to be a little different.  Pole Cats students work towards the elusive 'black garter'.  There are two beginner garters (white and yellow), two intermediate (green and blue) and two advanced (purple and red) to work through before you can achieve the master level and wear your black garter with pride.

White garter students learn some basic spins, a variety of transitions and start to climb and sit on the pole.

Moving on to the yellow garter, students are introduced to a different grip, more basic spins and the next stage of difficulty for the pole sit.

By the time they reach the green garter, students are learning more complicated spins, one-handed spins, advanced climbing techniques and beginning to invert.

Blue garter students are able to invert confidently and will be learning inverted holds, advanced spins, floor work and poses on the pole.

Advanced students (purple garter and red garter) will be mostly learning increasingly advanced inverts and more complicated combinations of moves.

According to a number of students and audience members, the black garter confers the ability to reverse gravity.  Certainly, some of the moves at this level would seem to require it!

We also have two other kinds of classes available for those who want to try something a little different or broaden their pole horizons.

The first is known as Hoop, which is for those who want to try being completely off the ground! The metal hoop is suspended above a crash mat and you will be taught how to mount and dismount as well as a number of aerial acrobatic moves! These lessons must be booked ahead of time as there will never be more than 6 students in a lesson.

The other is Authentic, for those who wish to explore their sexy side! With heels on, you will learn new skills and moves that can help with your confidence and even help you understand other standard pole moves. Please note these classes are not for the faint of heart as it can be very sensual and sexy.