About Us



I'm Natalie Watkins and I own and run Pole Cats Dance Ltd. I moved to Oxford in 2001 and now hold a BA (Oxon) in Experimental Psychology and an MSc in Cognitive and Clinical Neuroscience.

I've always been interested in health and fitness, with over 10 years of martial arts experience. I started pole dance as an additional form of exercise to improve my balance, posture and movement and was quickly hooked. Within a month, I had purchased my own pole and was training in my home several times a week.

For me, pole dance is about expressing who I am, without reservation or judgement. It's about being me, in the most honest sense I can be. I am passionate about giving my students the best possible instruction I can. I want every student to feel strong, beautiful, powerful, healthy and happy at the end of each session. I love watching my students progress and am honoured that they let me share their successes and work with them to achieve their potential.





I've been a student at Pole Cats Dance for around two and a half years — I agreed to one hoop class with a friend, then started pole as well, and now Nat just can't get rid of me!

I trained as a Vinyasa yoga teacher at Yoga Quota, and qualified last summer. My classes are built around my students, so there is often a focus on winding down both physically and emotionally from the intensity and excitement of aerial.

When I am not upside down, I am studying for a law conversion in London.

Oak (the Aerial Puppy)


As the designated Aerial Puppy, I am an integral part of the Pole Cats Dance team (though I am campaigning to get the company name changed to something more appropriate). I attend many of the classes and provide much needed snuggles and amusement.

If you aren't the biggest fan of me or my fluff, we do understand. If you let Natalie know about any allergies or fear of dogs, she will let you know when I won't be around. I'll still be watching your progress on Instgram and rooting for you no matter what.