Thank you

Post date: Jul 25, 2011 12:02:59 PM

Hey Guys,

I know I haven't been posting in here as much as I intially hoped. In all honesty, I've been far too busy teaching to keep on top of all the different ways I want to keep in touch (though do follow me on Twitter, as I've been doing pretty well at keeping up to date with that one! @polecatsdance).

Anyway, all this teaching has had me thinking. As students, we're all very quick to thank our instructors. It's clear what we get out of a lesson when we're learning new moves, perfecting old ones and receiving so much encouragement and help. But it's not often that we instructors stop and thank our students. I don't know if you know what we get from you.

You give us energy. You make us proud. You let us share in your every achievement. It doesn't matter which student you are. When you're the student who just 'gets it' straight away, we love you for your grace. If you're the one working for weeks on a single move, we're almost as delighted as you when you finally master it and are awed by your dedication.

A few months ago, I had a horrible day. It was all my own fault. I put unleaded fuel in my diesel van, I threw a whole cup of hot tea over my leg (and floor) and was generically grumpy. I was teaching that evening, so I spent half an hour calming down, mentally re-starting the day and then went out to teach forcing a smile onto my face. Within 10 minutes, the smile wasn't forced. Every single student I taught that day made me so happy. One had choreographed a dance in her head to show off the moves she'd learned the week before. Someone else got her first sit without holding on. The list goes on. I finished that day exhausted but so happy and really feeling like it was a day well spent.

So I just wanted to say to all of you, whether you're one of my students or learning elsewhere, from all pole instructors out there

Thank you!!!!!

Much love