"I have to say, I didn't like pole dancing when I first started with my previous teacher and finding it too hard, I was about to give up. Everything changed when I took the first class with Natalie. By breaking down all the moves and explaining how muscles work, she helped me not only to improve faster that I could ever imagine but also using her brilliant pedagogical approach, she made me believe that I CAN do it. I am looking forward to every single class because I know how much fitness benefits and fun it gives at the same time. I'm sure that if anyone tries one class with Natalie, they will never want to stop!" Magda, London

"By working with me on the basics, and looking at my personal difficulties, you were able to give me confidence in my ability. At the end of the lesson, I felt like I resolved a lot of issues and had now mastered things I'd glossed over with previous teachers" Suzie, Oxford

"As a dance teacher myself, I have very high expectations when I take a lesson from someone else. I was very impressed with your knowledge of body mechanics and your focus on safety. Knowing that I was in the hands of such a competent instructor made it easy for me to relax and enjoy the lesson."Caitlyn, Oxford

"I was convienced this wasn't for me before my first lesson, mainly due to being overweight and having past injuries. But as soon as I arrived Natalie and the other students made me feel so welcome and accepted! I can know do more than I ever imagined and am a total convert to the way of pole! I would recommend to anyone who wants to build strength, skills and confidence."

Rosanna, Oxford