Garter Courses

Pole dance at the highest levels requires a high degree of strength and technical skill. Obviously, no student begins dancing with the level of knowledge required to perform even relatively simple moves but many are concerned about a lack of strength and/or flexibility. Our syllabus has been carefully designed to give students a chance to build muscle safely and to master the basics before moving on to increasingly advanced spins, poses and inverts.

To reflect this, we have implemented an idea taken from the martial arts, where students work through a series of 'grades', each represented by a colour. Being pole dancers, however, we had to be a little different. Pole Cats students work towards the elusive 'black garter'. There are two beginner garters (white and yellow), two intermediate (green and blue) and two advanced (purple and red) to work through before you can achieve the master level and wear your black garter with pride. In between each 'garter', you will do a 'star' course. Each star course builds on the moves you learned in the associated garter, learning more difficult variations and also a full choreography to help you recap all of the moves you have learned so far.

These classes will be 1 hour long, including warm up and cool down/stretching time. There will be no more than 3 students per pole, and no more than 12 students in any single lesson. Why?

If you are unsure of your level, please email me or come along to a mixed ability class.

£60 for a 6 week course

Mixed Ability Pole

For those who can't make a regular weekly class, who wish to start when there are no new courses scheduled or those who just want a little more chaos in their lives, mixed ability pole dance classes are open to all. In a mixed ability class, you will all warm up together but you will then split off into doing level-appropriate moves in groups of similar abilities. You will still cover the same moves as in a garter course, but you may find that we jump around the syllabus a little more to suit your individual strengths.

Mixed Ability Pole - £10 (1 hour)

Aerial Hoop

Many of our aerial hoop students also learn pole but this is absolutely not required. Aerial hoop is a very different discipline and is accessible for both beginners and more experienced students. Aerial hoop is ideal for those who want to try being completely off the ground! The metal hoop is suspended above a crash mat and you will be taught how to mount and dismount as well as a number of aerial acrobatic moves. In an aerial hoop class, we will begin by learning or practicing our mounts (ways of getting into the hoop) and will then move on to learning new poses and holds under, in and on top of the apparatus. In many classes, we will finish by starting to combine the moves you have just learned into a short choreography or flow. Aerial hoop classes do not need a high degree of strength or flexibility to being, nor do you need experience of other forms of aerial. Leggings are HIGHLY recommended and leg warmers may also be advantageous.

Aerial Hoop - £10 (1 hour)


Our Authentic classes are where we get our sexy on. These late-night classes require heels and ideally leg warmers, as we slink, slide and flow around the pole. These classes are suitable for dancers of all levels, including those who have never taken a pole dance lesson.

Authentic - £10 (1 hour)


Run by our very own Libbi, our yoga classes have been developed with pole dancers and aerialists in mind and will bring a sense of balance and completeness to your aerial training.

These classes offer a vinyasa yoga flow, focussed on creating and developing strength, mobility and focus. All levels are very welcome, including complete beginners!

Yoga - £8 (1 hour)

Serpent Power

Jamie Taylor created Serpent Power for her Defy Gravity members in February 2016. Serpent Power has been described as guided meditation through sensual movement. The class is structured to lead students through repetitive movement. The movements are not elitist, or reliant on flexibility whilst being challenging and building strength and active flexibility.

Serpent Power is an introspective class which nurtures students as individuals. It is not about the display of artistic and physical ability, therefore it is highly suitable for more introverted and shy students who are looking to reconnect with their divine female sensual energy. More extroverted or advanced students will also gain something from the class as it will help to refine their quality of movement and the reinforce the conduit for tapping into their sensual energy. The feeling of the class could be likened to a yoga class, in the sense that it is a time for quiet, introverted practice. All participants must respect the practice of others as the opening up for the sensual aspect of ourselves can be fragile and should be approached with tenderness.

Serpent Power - £15 (1 hour group class)

Private Lessons

Private, one-to-one lessons are available, either on my premises in Oxford or at your home. These can be used to catch up after missing a course, to work on specific moves you've been finding problematic or to find out whether you would like to sign up for a longer course.

Private lessons are one hour long and tend to be extremely intensive. They can also be booked regularly, if you prefer to learn in a more private, focused environment. These classes do not have to be purchased as part of a course, but you will cover very similar material in the same order, albeit at an accelerated rate.

Please contact me to discuss a suitable time. Please note, there may be a travel cost associated with classes a significant distance from Oxford.

Private Lesson - £30 (1 hour)


We offer regular workshops in a variety of weird and wonderful skills, including aerial cube, lap dancing and chair dance among others. These workshops are open to all and will usually cater to a wide range of different ability levels. Please do check out our upcoming workshops on instagram, on our booking site or by signing up to our mailing list.

Workshops Price varies. Please check the booking site

Hen Nights

The perfect start to an evening out. These sessions will be at a location convenient to you and will include a variety of moves for use on and off the pole, ensuring that you can show off your new skills on the dance floor later that evening. Prices depend on the number of guests, location and duration of the class. Please note, no guests will be permitted on the pole if they have been drinking.

We can offer you a mixture of pole and aerial skills and "stripper" style dance moves. Helping you to unlock your inner sexy godess ahead of your night out!

Hen nights Price on request