What can I expect in a class?

Pole dance classes are very similar to any other dance/exercise classes you may have taken. Each class will begin with a dance warm up and some light stretching, before undertaking a series of conditioning moves designed to build strength as you develop.

We will then recap older moves, before moving on to new material. New moves could be spins, poses or, for more advanced students, inverts. We will then work on a group choreography before you do a short improvised dance.

Finally, we will spend a little time cooling down and doing some deep stretches to improve flexibility. This is usually a good time to ask any general questions about training plans, stretches to perform at home, or any other queries or concerns you haven't asked during the course of the lesson.

Poles will be shared between you, with a maximum of 3 students per pole. This is important as it allows you time to rest, as well as learning from watching your fellow students.

Classes tend to be single sex, and observers are not permitted (except students missing a class due to injury). We are happy to run male-only classes and are aware of the different advantages and trials male pole dancers experience.

For more information about classes, please take a look at our course structure and what you will need to bring with you. For existing classes, please also check the venue. If you are interested in classes outside of Oxford, please contact me, and I'll investigate starting a class in your area.